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All about diversity and inclusion in the workplace

By On March 1, 2020

Diversity and Inclusion is a growing concept that many businesses – from SMEs to MNCs – all around the world are grappling to understand and implement into their workplace. But what exactly… Read More


Bad money habits that are getting in your way

By On January 24, 2020

How you spend your money determines how well you can save you money. Spending more than you have or buying unnecessarily can severely impact how efficiently you can save. Sometimes you aren’t… Read More


Using technology to improve workplace safety

By On November 25, 2019

Ensuring the safety of employees in the workplace should be one of the top priorities for managers and business owners. This will not only improve your employees’ health and wellbeing but will… Read More


What to consider in an employee share scheme

By On June 24, 2019

Employee share schemes (ESS) provide employees with a financial share in the organisation that they work for. They can be offered by organisations as a way to grow their business by attracting,… Read More


Mental health tips for small business owners

By On November 29, 2018

Small business owners are constantly under stress and pressure, which is why it is important they look after their mental health. The following tips will help you manage your mental health as… Read More


Costs of switching your mortgage

By On November 8, 2018

Switching your mortgage to another lender will save you money on your home loan but will incur fees in the process. Educate yourself on the following fees to avoid any nasty shocks… Read More