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What employment type is best for your business?

By On October 9, 2019

An employment contract establishes the terms and expectations of an employee before they start work. It outlines everything the employee has to know about working for you, including employee rights, working hours… Read More


Budget-friendly ways to promote your small business 

By On September 30, 2019

Promoting your business can seem tricky to navigate and expensive, especially when there are budget and staff restrictions to think about. However, there are a number of ways to promote your business… Read More


Dealing with a bad day at work

By On September 24, 2019

Bad days can happen to the best of us, but that doesn’t stop work from needing to get done. Whilst working when you’re feeling down is the last thing you want to… Read More


Hiring working holiday makers

By On September 18, 2019

In Australia, there are approximately 100,000 working holiday makers employed each year. Any employer can hire working holiday makers provided they meet the requirements to do so. Employers must confirm the working… Read More


When do you need an ABN?

By On September 10, 2019

An Australian business number (ABN) is a unique 11-digit number that the Australian Business Register issues to all businesses, identifying your business to the community and government whilst also making it easier… Read More


Are they an employee or a contractor?

By On September 6, 2019

Employers that incorrectly treat employees as contractors can face hefty penalties and charges as well as claims for entitlements and superannuation contributions. Even if employers are only hiring someone for a few… Read More


Quick fixes to boost email marketing

By On August 30, 2019

While email marketing remains one of the most effective platforms for businesses to reach clients on a personal level, it does not always deliver the results you may be after. If you’re… Read More


Evaluating risks in business  

By On August 21, 2019

Business owners are faced with constant challenges and tough decisions to make on a day-to-day basis. Risk-taking is often necessary to achieve more in the business, but owners need to make informed… Read More


Deduction rules for small businesses

By On August 12, 2019

Spending on capital assets usually cannot be deducted immediately. Instead, small businesses claim the costs over time in accordance with the asset’s depreciation. There are many different processes that businesses can employ… Read More


Boost employee productivity

By On August 6, 2019

All businesses need to look at ways to increase the productivity of their staff. When your employees get more work done, it will ultimately lead to the business making a bigger profit.… Read More