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February, 2020


Becoming socially conscious of where you super invest

By On 28 February 2020

Whether you are a newcomer to the workforce or have been working full time for 30 years, you must have come across the concept of superannuation. Chances are, you’ve already been steadily… Read More


Tips to incorporating career mentoring into your business

By On 27 February 2020

A career mentorship program involves partnerships between employees to develop professional skills and gain industry knowledge. Career mentoring programs are often seen as powerful development tools for cultivating both leaders and employees… Read More


Are you responsible for unfair dismissal of employees?

By On 25 February 2020

If you are a small business employer wishing to dismiss employees, you must do so according to the Small Businesses Fair Dismissal Code, as breach of the code could result in legal… Read More


You can now opt-out of super guarantee as a high income earner

By On 21 February 2020

If you’ve unintentionally been going over your superannuation concessional contributions cap in past years, you may not have to worry about it from now on. As of 1 January 2020, eligible individuals… Read More


Will legislation changes affect the FBT you pay on staff parking?

By On 20 February 2020

Employers who provide staff parking spaces may be affected by the rewrite of the car parking fringe benefits Taxation Ruling. A draft ruling TR 2019/D5 was released on 13 November 2019, a… Read More


Do you have to pay tax on super death benefits?

By On 18 February 2020

When someone dies, their superannuation usually gets transferred to their beneficiary as superannuation death benefits. Depending on who the beneficiary is, the benefits may be taxed in some circumstances. If you are… Read More


Taking a super pension

By On 17 February 2020

Once you have met your preservation age (between 55 and 60 depending on when you were born), you can choose to take a super pension. There are six main types of super… Read More


Things to consider before rebranding your business

By On 12 February 2020

Rebranding your business can seem like a daunting task, as it can involve a range of arduous tasks such as changing designs, updating clients, retraining staff and changing your marketing strategies. However,… Read More


Can you claim deductions for employee training?

By On 11 February 2020

Employees of a small business may need to develop their expertise or skills in a particular area to better perform their duties. While training courses like seminars and one-day intensives can be… Read More


When a trustee goes bankrupt…

By On 10 February 2020

SMSF members need to be aware of the rules that govern their fund, including what to do when one member becomes bankrupt. A requirement of an SMSF is that each individual trustee… Read More