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January, 2020


New SMSF alert system

By On 29 January 2020

The ATO has introduced a new method of updating SMSF trustees of changes to their fund. From 3 February 2020, email and/or text message alert will be sent out when there are… Read More


Restoring damaged tax records after a natural disaster

By On 25 January 2020

In the event that your records have been damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster, such as bushfires, there are a number of ways you can reconstruct them. The ATO is able… Read More


Bad money habits that are getting in your way

By On 24 January 2020

How you spend your money determines how well you can save you money. Spending more than you have or buying unnecessarily can severely impact how efficiently you can save. Sometimes you aren’t… Read More


What happens to your super in a divorce?

By On 24 January 2020

Divorce or separation can be emotionally draining and stressful as it is, but the legal and financial responsibilities you also need to think about add an extra burden to dealing with the… Read More


Things to consider before hiring an intern

By On 22 January 2020

Hiring an intern can sound like a win-win situation; the intern gets an opportunity to learn and boost their career, you get some extra help generally at a lower wage rate than… Read More


Updates to the unclaimed superannuation money protocol

By On 21 January 2020

The Superannuation (Unclaimed Money and Lost Members) Act 1999 (SUMLMA), more commonly known as the unclaimed superannuation money protocol, has been updated recently to provide a clearer structure going forward. SUMLMA provides… Read More


The importance of keeping business records

By On 18 January 2020

Businesses operating in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, the task of keeping records can fall secondary to everyday business operations. However, failing to efficiently keep up-to-date and comprehensive records can hurt your… Read More


What are franking credits?

By On 15 January 2020

Franking credits are a kind of tax credit that allows Australian companies to pass on the tax paid at a company level to shareholders. Franking credits can reduce the income tax paid… Read More


Can you change your business or company name?

By On 14 January 2020

Changing your business or company name can be an exciting leap. You can find yourself thinking about things like redesigned logos, rebranding and new customers, but before that, you have to think… Read More


Tax implications of buying a holiday home

By On 11 January 2020

Buying a holiday house can seem appealing, whether it’s to rent out for income, for your own holidays or both. However, it is important to be aware of the different tax implications… Read More